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A system for measuring and ranking an overall performance of college by using online data

Publication Date : 17/03/2016

Author(s) :

Aniket Anil Nikam , Suraj Kishor Upare , Ujjawal Anand , Vikki Kumar.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 3
(03 - 2016)

Abstract :

As a nation, we have to make college more accessible and affordable and ensure that all student graduate with an education of real value. Our students deserve to know, before they enroll, that the college they have chosen will deliver this value. we can develop a useful rating system that will help more student's to realize the dream of a degree that unleashes their potential and opens doors to a better life . It's an important step in improving transparency ,accountability and equity in higher education. College rating system will provide the analysis rating done on the basis of reviews, feedback and comments given by students and parents in various websites and social media. This system is implemented using web crawler ( to extract information from various websites and social media ) and sentiment analysis is done on the extracted on generate report. A WebCrawler is an Internet bot which systematically browses the world wide web, typically for the purpose of Web Indexing, web crawler also clusters and gathers information. It is necessary to hit the website and retrieve the data from that website. We are not going to take random data, the only data which belongs to the key factor, that we have to take and store it into the database. This phase is known as "Information Gathering". After this phase, the main phase of our project begins which is nothing but the "Data Analysis". In this phase dynamic data is taken as a input and analysis is done. At the end we are going to generate the graph for both positive and negative points.

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