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CCOS Detection and Security in Wireless Sensor Network

Publication Date : 24/03/2016

Author(s) :

Shanmugam Shoba M , Bhuvitha R , Sandeep R , Sameer S Nayak , Shailaja C.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 3
(03 - 2016)

Abstract :

A wireless sensor network can get disunited into multiple connected components due to the failure of some of its nodes, which is called a “cut”. Here consider the quandary of detecting cuts by the remaining nodes of a wireless sensor network. Here propose an algorithm that sanctions (i) every node to detect when the connectivity to a specially designated node has been lost, and (ii) one or more nodes (that are connected to the special node after the cut) to detect the occurrence of the cut. The algorithm is distributed and asynchronous: every node needs to communicate with only those nodes that are within its communication range. The algorithm is predicated on the iterative computation of a fictitious “electrical potential” of the nodes. The convergence rate of the underlying iterative scheme is independent of the size and structure of the network. All cut nodes information is been updated and engendered into a log file of system and filtered log records of cut nodes are maintained.

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