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Re-encryption based key management with de-duplication mechanism for cloud

Publication Date : 01/04/2016

Author(s) :

Akshat Vaidya , Parth Bhimani , Debashish Dwivedi , Mayur Phanse.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 3
(04 - 2016)

Abstract :

Data outsourcing to the cloud is profitable for reasons of scalability, economy, and accessibility, but the challenges in security still remain. As the business organizations move more to the cloud environment the data and therefore the load on the cloud will keep on increasing; therefore an effective storage mechanism is needed so that the data redundancy is reduced. One of the major form of redundant data on the cloud is dublicate data(especially media). This paper aims to provide ways to improve data security on the cloud and to reduce data redundancy on the cloud by implementing De-duplication.

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