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Design and Implementation of Autonomous Lawn Mower

Publication Date : 10/04/2016

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Volume/Issue :
Volume 2
Issue 4
(04 - 2016)

Abstract :

The present technology commonly used for trimming the grass is by using the manually handle device. In this paper we have automated the machine for trimming the grass. The device consists of linear blade which is operated with the help of the motor the power supply for the motor is by using battery. The battery can be charge by using power supply and solar panel. In case of any obstacles in the path it is sensed by using ultrasonic sensor. If there is any variation then the device using free direction sensor and find the new path to travel. The above feature is enabled so that the damage to the hardware of the device is avoided. In future the automation of the device will play a vital role in world wide. This project is an autonomous lawn mower that will allow the user to the ability to cut their grass with minimal effort. Unlike other robotic lawn mowers on the market, this design requires no perimeter wires to maintain the robot within the lawn. Through an array of sensors, this robot will not only stay on the lawn, it will avoid and detect objects and humans. This design is still in the prototype stage due to financial and time constraints. Documentation includes all major design aspects.

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