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Efficient Time-Frequency Domain Algorithm for Real Time Signal Compression

Publication Date : 19/09/2017

DOI : 10.23883/IJRTER.2017.3430.YCZZR

Author(s) :

Rohan Basu Roy.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 3
Issue 9
(09 - 2017)

Abstract :

For real time remote health monitoring systems, spontaneous transmission of biological signals is essential. To accomplish this time efficient compression schemes play an important role. In this paper, we propose a sparse encoding algorithm consisting of a wavelet transform based iterative thresholding (WTIT). It reduces the minimal ECG voltage values to zero level. Subsequently, it encodes the ECG signal in time-frequency domain, obtaining a high sparsity level. Compressed Row Huffman Coding (CRHC) algorithm converts the sparse matrices into compressed, transmittable matrices. We apply inverse transforms to reconstruct the transmitted signal and test the performance of encoding and reconstruction in terms of compression ratio (CR), percentage root mean square difference (PRD) and time complexity.

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