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Effect on Mechanical Properties of Brick Prepared with Granite and Marble Powder

Publication Date : 26/12/2018

DOI : 10.23883/IJRTER.2018.4422.U8U0G

Author(s) :

Ankit gupta , Mahendra Saini , Mahendra Kumar Singar.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 4
Issue 12
(12 - 2018)

Abstract :

Stone manufacturing industries of Rajasthan is spread across the entire region of the state forming the grit of its economy. It produces more than 75 types of rocks and minerals making the state majestic mineral state in the nation. The natural rocks known as aggregates or stones are found in local areas out of which Marble being the one. The desert state itself contributes to 90% of the total marble production all over the country. The rock industries have provided employment opportunities and have used stones in building mesmerizing heritage and monuments of the State. More and more demand for finished and unfinished products are pouring in, exploring of various marble types have increased the growing rate of Marble Industry in the region. As a result, marble processing units and marble quarries had grown in the past ten years. This has lead to generation of waste to a very large amount; hence an alarming situation for the ailing environment and nature. Sustainability and environment friendliness for the industry has become an immediate social need. The motive shown in this report points in finding out a reasonable, viable and viable way to extract out the waste in the form of marble and granite slurry produced from these industries. Many ways are put forward in order to use the waste which is in the form of marble slurry and granite powder stone clay by producing clay bricks. In this report, investigation has been carried out to use such concrete and test the compression strength, water absorption capacity and density of the produced concrete. This study has concluded that the economics of clay would be improved by adding cheap marble and granite waste from stone industry, thus enhancing the quality of clay bricks in all senses. Also, the issue of stone slurry as a waste material would be resolved by integrated marble usage and waste of granite in the clay bricks thus making it a win situation for everyone. Keywords: Brick, clay, granite and marble powder, compressive strength, density.

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