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Publication Date : 04/04/2019

DOI : 10.23883/IJRTER.2019.5027.SOFQS

Author(s) :

Anjitha Sreenivasan , Apoorva , Geethika P , Shamiya , Swarna H.R.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 5
Issue 3
(04 - 2019)

Abstract :

It is a universally approved fact that when the driver is drowsy fatal road accident can occur. Therefore the invention of counter measure device is very crucial in order to avoid accidents which occur due to sleep deprivation of driver. Aim of this paper is to explore permanent solution to collisions caused by drowsy driving. Digital image processing (DIP) is an effective application which playsss a decisive role in road accident caused by drowsy driving. DIP is an efficient research exploration which can be used in many fields. No sooner driver begin to drowsy than this application detect his state of sleepiness and attempts to warn driver. Main objective of this paper is an attempt to exhibit the right design to develop IoT based hardware which is highly advanced device. The proposed device will track down inert state of driver and sends warning signal in order to bring back to alert state. System uses Eye Aspect Ratio (EAR) as input to detect the drowsy state of driver. Whereas the entire system is executed in Raspberry Pi3 it uses web camera to detect eye blink and drowsiness. The next phase is the traffic collision detection system. Here the devices which we use are of two types that is, ultrasonic sensors and touch sensors. The obstacles which may lead to an accident are of many such as, another vehicle with uncontrolled speed or maybe a human obstacle or even it could be a natural obstacle. Here in this system the ultrasonic sensors will continuously observe the distance between vehicles and if any obstacles are found as to cause an accident then the ultrasonic sensor will sense and alarm message will be send by using Raspberry Pi. And hence the upcoming accident could be avoided. But in case, in spite of all these efforts if an accident occurs then the touch sensors will detect the crash and will immediately send message to the emergency number by using GSM and also by using GPS the location of the crash site along with accident message will be send to the nearby medical facility. So that the driver will get all necessary treatment.

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