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Garbage management system using IoT

Publication Date : 24/04/2019

DOI : 10.23883/IJRTER.2019.5034.Q6KWD

Author(s) :

Sneha Sandeep Patil , Shweta Mohite , Shivani Mulik , prof.poonam patil.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 5
Issue 4
(04 - 2019)

Abstract :

In India Now a days Solid waste management is one of the primary problems that is faced irrespective of the case of developed or under development states. It is seen that most of the garages across the roadside are overloaded because the waste is not collected periodically. It creates unhygienic condition for the people and creates bad odour around the surroundings. Due to this it gives birth to some deadly diseases and causes human illness. Most of the time wet and dry wastes are not separately collected so that proper processing like composting, recycling, incineration cannot be applied to different kinds of waste. This system will help us in garbage management which will results in garbage processing .This systems consist of ultrasonic sensor, infrared sensor for detecting the level of waste, Arduino UNO, microcontroller, Raspberry Pi2 as controlling boards. This system is comprised of ultrasonic sensors to sense the level of garbage in the bin, flame sensor to detect the fire and moisture sensor to separate out wet and dry garbage. By using global system for mobile (GSM) the concerned persons shall be informed through SMS. The status of waste bins can be monitored and this data is transmitted and processed by fast Raspberry Pi3

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