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Publication Date : 24/03/2020

DOI : 10.23883/IJRTER.2020.6016.FRQSE

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Volume/Issue :
Volume 6
Issue 3
(03 - 2020)

Abstract :

Now a – days, there are various fields where there is a need to have the mixing of liquids and semi-solids. Taking an example of ionic paint mixing, the conventional method of mixing the paint is quite tedious, time consuming. The conventional method for mixing the ionic paints is by bifurcating the paint into two halves and then mixing it by repeated transferring of paint between the two buckets and thereby achieving the required mixture. This project presents an idea to develop a system to overcome the older method likewise also in the other fields like the chemical industries, mixing of metallic powers, some dairy applications and in pharmaceutical industries. The Multi-Spindle Bi-Directional Liquid Mixer is a novel device which uses the principle of planetary gear mechanism for mechanical motion of the spindles. As the turbulence of any liquid increases, its flow lines get disturbed. It would be advantageous to change pattern of flow, which avoids vortex formation, i.e. motion of particles in a spiral path which ultimately results in cross flows and uniform viscosity distribution which plays a major role in mixing the liquid, by using this principle the machine is generated. The machine consists of four spindles containing different types of blades which revolve as well as rotate around itself and circumference of the container. Also, the blades of the machine can be rotated in both directions to get the required cross flows as well as to avoid vortex formation. The main shaft spindle (connected to sun gear) which is rotated by an external source via A.C. drive has a circular ring at its bottom rotating in a both direction, and the other three spindles (connected to planet gears) consists of a blade (plate) of sheet metal having number of holes, a helical screw feeder and a whisk type blender blade. When the main shaft rotated it also rotates the others by gear mechanism thereby rotating the spindles connected to the planetary shafts which will start creating a turbulence in the paint mixture thereby mixing the paint forming a homogeneous mixture. This method will be the most satisfying for the older one by reducing the tediousness and be the comfortable one for the paint workers.

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