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Design and Development of ARM based Embedded System for Remote Position control of Stepper Motor Using DTMF Technology

Publication Date : 29/01/2018

DOI : 10.23883/IJRTER.CONF.20171225.033.EVXOK

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Dr.T. Narmada , Prof. K. Nagabhushan Raju , Dr. M. V. Lakshmaiah , Dr. C. Chandra Mouli.

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This work is mainly concerned on the Stepper motor direction and operating period control system using ARM7 micro controller. Stepper motor control has a number of applications like drives, dot matrix printer, machine tools, computer peripherals, business machines, process control and robotics.DTMF Technology is used in number of ways like digital answering machine, call forward back device called id terminal, call blocker, DTMF remote control recorder etc. This present work describes angular position control of stepper motor using DTMF decoder as an alternative means of communication using Radio Frequency with advantage of simplicity and audibility. The proposed system has two mobile phones, one is user mobile and other mobile is attached to the system. System mobile is connected to ARM7 through DTMF decoder and controller to stepper motor. If any key is pressed in user mobile the read that signal and sends to the ARM7 micro controller that sends angle to thestepper motor that rotate either clockwise or antic lock wise. The system is simple, low cost and it has a high resolution, repeatability and error is also within tolerable limits. This work is also used to design a real time electronic control system that can be used to control the speed of stepper motor kept at remote locations using an embedded technology.

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