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Publication Date : 13/04/2018

DOI : 10.23883/IJRTER.CONF.02180328.037.CYUKC

Author(s) :

Yuvanesh S , Sivashanker D , Vishnu P M , Gokul S , Gokul S.

Conference Name :
Conference on Electronics, Information and Communication Systems - 2018

Abstract :

The improvement of efficiency in the power system of Ashok Leyland Ltd, Plant 1, Hosur is necessary since the plant consumes thousands of units of electricity each day. The power fed in is not utilized completely and is wasted during non working hours. The power from the solar power unit is not utilized completely due to reverse power relay tripping. The efficiency of the solar panels are low and that has to be improved. We observed that 100% utilization is not possible due to reverse power relay position. During analysis of solar power generation, we found that shop 1 solar inverter power production is marginally low when compared to shop. We have analyzed the load pattern and found that the consumption during non-working hours can be optimized. We have checked machine-wise and found idle running cutoff incorporated and working. The losses are due to hidden or eaten away losses of loads like control transformers, indication lamps, etc. To avoid the losses a solution has been derived and `handed over to the Ashok Leyland team. That is grouping of loads in one transformer. The remaining transformers can be switched off during non-working hours. Further, on discussion with the Ashok Leyland team we have arrived modified ducting arrangement for exhaust fan to avoid dust accumulation on the solar panels. And with the help of the Ashok Leyland team we provided a solution to utilize the maximum level during holidays. The position of reverse power relay has been changed. So, the 100 % utilization of solar power is possible.

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