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Publication Date : 27/03/2019

DOI : 10.23883/IJRTER.CONF.20190322.046.DPVVW

Author(s) :

C.Leena , S.Kamali , M.Arivalagan.

Conference Name :
1st International Conference on New Scientific Creations in Engineering and Technology - 2019

Abstract :

This project is an outcome of a real-time life threatening problem faced in and around Thandikudi region of Palani hills and in several other places due to wild elephants. Here, conflict arises often between wild elephants and man which results in occasional death of humans and frequent economic loss by crop destruction particularly plantain, millets etc. According to WWF Global the loss estimate is around $105 million worldwide annually. In the Thandikudi region alone two lives were lost in the past 6 months. Still, there is no amicable solution to this problem. Our present work is an attempt to save loss of lives and economy by threatening wild elephants and send them back to the forest region, when elephants try to trespass the farm land. This work also attempts detect the presence of elephants even during the night time. Using thermal and night vision cameras presence of wild elephants will be detected and an electric drum will be activated to threaten and send the elephants back to the forest. This is the working solution followed by farmers and villagers for centuries. But, elephants are intelligent species and electric drums alone cannot threaten them on every occasion. So, in addition to electric drum wild animal sounds like angry tigers etc., will be added to the list of threatening sounds. These sounds are generated and sent to a mega phone (loud speaker) which will scare the elephants. Using a random number generator the sounds appear random on every occasion so that the elephants will think as if the sounds were real.

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