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Energy Consumption Model For Internet Connectivity In Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

Publication Date : 26/01/2018

DOI : 10.23883/IJRTER.CONF.20171225.002.RGY0C

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Seelam Srinivasa Rao , Dr. K.Chenna Keshava Reddy.

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Multi-hop wireless ad hoc wireless networks have no fixed network infrastructure. Such a network consists of multiple nodes that maintain network connectivity through wireless links. Additionally, these nodes may be mobile and thus the topology of the network may change with time. It will be useful if the nodes in this network could communicate with the Internet; this can be done via gateways which in turn inter-connect to the Internet. This functionality requires that the nodes in the ad hoc network to discover the gateway, using a gateway discovery protocol. However, a limiting factor (particularly for mobile nodes) is suing their limited energy supply provided by batteries. In order to understand the potential effect this paper considers two key areas: internetworking between a multi-hop mobile wireless ad hoc network and the Internet and the energy utilization as a function of number of gateways and the mobility pattern of nodes. Using simulation on various mobility patterns and networks density scenarios, we show that increase the number of gateways in ad hoc network significantly improves the power efficiency of mobile node and therefore prevent network partition due to death nodes.

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