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Firefly Optimization Algorithm based PID controller for synchronous Buck DC-DC Converter

Publication Date : 14/03/2019

DOI : 10.23883/IJRTER.CONF.20190304.029.UHG6G

Author(s) :

A.B.Prebi , Dr.M.Mary Linda.

Conference Name :
A National Conference on Recent Trends in Electrical and Electronics Engineering - 2019

Abstract :

A novel meta-heuristics algorithm, namely the Firefly Algorithm (FA) is applied to the Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) Controller parameter tuning for Buck converter System. The main goal is to increase the time domain characteristics and reduce the transient response of the converter systems. This paper described in details how to employ Firefly Algorithm to determine the optimal PID controller parameters of an SBC system. The proposed algorithm can improve the dynamic performance of SBC system. In this proposed system an optimal PID controller using firefly algorithm for dual mode control scheme to improve power efficiency is employed. In existing method occur low step performance and high overshoot problems. These problems can be overcome by using optimal PID controller using firefly algorithm. There are three important parameters seen in firefly algorithm that are attractiveness, distance and movement. The proposed approach has superior features including easy implementation, stable convergence characteristic and good computational efficiency. The FA parameters are problem-oriented and specifically chosen to achieve an adequate and accurate decision. It is demonstrated that the FA provides simple, efficient and accurate approach based on PID controller. As a result, a set of optimal PID controller parameters is obtained. Thus, a good closed-loop system performance is achieved. The comparison of both meta-heuristics shows superior performance for FA PID controller, tuning of the considered nonlinear control system than existing controller method.

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