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Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) among workers in Pump Manufacturing Industry

Publication Date : 22/03/2019

DOI : 10.23883/IJRTER.CONF.20190322.026.J0CWA

Author(s) :

G. Madhan Mohan , P. Ashok , G. Nagandra Pandi.

Conference Name :
1st International Conference on New Scientific Creations in Engineering and Technology - 2019

Abstract :

This study aims to quantify the prevalence of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and risks among workers in pump manufacturing industry. Workers from pump manufacturing industry were mostly affected by musculoskeletal injury and prolonged work nature and poor workplace environment. Data were collected with the help of the Nordic musculoskeletal questionnaire and by direct observations. The statistical analysis carried out reveals that 67.39% of pump manufacturing industry workers reported MSDs. The highest prevalence rate has been found in the feet (48.26%). In total, 46 workers from different age, experience workers were considered for this study. Age, experience, marital status, stress in the job were the risk factors which significantly (p < 0.05) associated with the reported MSDs. Among the different factor for getting fatigue, the workers reported with the maximum discomfort during work at awkward posture (60.9%) with Odds ratio as 9.486 and 95% CI is 2.277-39.036. Sociodemographic factors, awkward posture and repetitive movements contribute to cause MSD among pump manufacturing workers. Results suggest that to undertake further studies on different preventive measures and ergonomics intervention to reduce the risks of LBP among workers in pump manufacturing industry.

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