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Publication Date : 14/03/2019

DOI : 10.23883/IJRTER.CONF.20190304.038.QNDXI

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Sonia Subash , K Priya , R Amutha , G Sujatha , G Sujatha.

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A National Conference on Recent Trends in Electrical and Electronics Engineering - 2019

Abstract :

Military robots are autonomous robots or remote-controlled mobile robots designed for military applications, from transport to search & rescue and attack.There have been some developments towards developing autonomous fighter jets and bombers. The use of autonomous fighters and bombers to destroy enemy targets is especially promising because of the lack of training required for robotic pilots, autonomous planes are capable of performing maneuvers which could not otherwise be done with human pilots (due to high amount of G-force), plane designs do not require a life support system, and a loss of a plane does not mean a loss of a pilot. However, the largest drawback to robotics is their inability to accommodate for non-standard conditions. Advances in Artificial Intelligence in the near future may help to rectify this.

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