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Self Check Library Management System Using RFID

Publication Date : 28/03/2019

DOI : 10.23883/IJRTER.CONF.20190322.057.HI5II

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1st International Conference on New Scientific Creations in Engineering and Technology - 2019

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Self-check Library Management System using RFID Applicability of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system which is a new generation of Auto Identification and Data collection technology in a future Smart Library Management System is presented in this paper. It helps to modify business processes and permits identification of huge variety of labelled objects like books, using radio waves. In existing system barcode and token card system were used. Barcodes haven't any read/write capabilities; they are doing not contain any another info like end date etc. and it desires line of sight, less security and it also can easily damaged. By exploitation token card system, they are very labor intensive and work process for the librarians was more. By considering the on top of demerits within the existing systems, the proposed Smart RFID system , which is a wireless non-contact system that uses radio frequency to transfer data from a tag connected to associate object, for the purpose of automatic identification and tracking. RFID doesn’t want the road of sight, it remove manual book keeping of records, improved utilization of resources like manpower, infrastructure etc. Also less time consumption as line of sight and manual interactions don't seem to be required for RFID Tag reading. RFID based mostly Library Management system would helps to permit quick group action flow for the library and can prove immediate and future advantages to library in traceability and security. If the books are taken without the permission of the library management the buzzer alarm sounds and eradicates the theft of books in the library.

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